2021 Senior Events!

Junior Prom - June 11, 2021

Juniors!  Junior Prom will be held at The Waterview in Monroe, CT, on June 11, 2021 from 6:00pm - 10:30pm.  Please fill out a  Prom Table Sheet and return to Mr. Centeno in Room 403 OR in the Main Office by Friday, May 21, 2021.  The table sheet can also be emailed to acenteno@carmelschools.org.  

PARENTS:  Tickets for your child are $65.00 each and can be purchased by logging into My School Bucks  TICKET SALES END May 19, 2021 and there can be no exceptions to this.

Administrators and Administrative Assistants

Mrs. Lauren Santabarbara, Principal

     Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Nancy Zaccardi (nzaccard@carmelschools.org)

Mr. John P. Fink, Assistant Principal (Grade 9, A-Giord) & (Grade 10)

     Administrative Assistant - Ms. Debbie McIntyre (dmcintyre@carmelschools.org)

Mr. Brian Piazza - Assistant Principal (Grade 9, Giorg - Pap) & (Grade 11)

     Administrative Assistant / Building Registrar, Mrs. Kristen Vinciguerra (kvincigu@carmelschools.org)

Ms. Judilcia Perez - Assistant Principal (Grade 9, Par-Z) & (Grade 12)

     Administrative Assistant - Ms. Debbie McIntyre (dmcintyre@carmelschools.org)



Cohort Calendar

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BOCES Information

When Carmel High School is on remote learning for all students due to COVID-19, students in BOCES programs cannot attend BOCES in-person.  If Carmel High School is closed because contact tracing has not been completed due to COVID-19, all CHS students (Cohort A, Cohort B, Cohort AB & Remote Learners) will not be permitted to attend in-person BOCES classes until that contact tracing has been completed.

If Carmel High School is closed due to staffing issues as a result of COVID-19, Carmel students are permitted to attend in-person BOCES classes.

BOCES will be closed for Memorial Day on May 31, 2021.





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Reporting Student Absences

Parents/guardians do not need to call to report student absences.Every parent/guardian will receive an attendance call when their child has been marked absent.  An email should be sent to Mrs. Anne Marie Young (ayoung@carmelschools.org) for any of the following reasons:  


  • Absence -  Include your child's name, the date(s) of absence and the reason.  This information will be forwarded to the Attendance Clerk.
  • Early dismissal - Include your child's name, the name of the person picking up your child and the time the student will be picked up.  A pass will be prepared for your child to pick up in the main office.
  • Anticipated partial-day absence - If you suspect your child may need to leave school early, please follow the procedure for "early dismissal" above.


  • NYSESLAT Speaking Assessments

    Carmel Central School District
  • NYSESLAT Listening, Reading & Writing Assessments Begin

    Carmel Central School District
  • CHS AP Exams

    Carmel High School
  • KES, KPS, MPES-Kindergarten Parent Orientation, 6:30pm

    Carmel Central School District
  • CHS AP Exams

    Carmel High School
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