Student Resources - Clubs & Activities


Designed for students with any level of artistic talent. Students are encouraged to have fun and explore different styles of artistic expression while reaching out to both the school and town communities. Main activities include personal artwork, mural painting, and artwork for other clubs. Past community projects have included painting murals at local libraries.


International organization aimed at creating friendships between students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their peers. CHS has a chapter that is open to all  students and meets for social activities, games, and activities.  Students learn leadership skills, compassion, and have the  opportunity to be a part of a large global movement!


Students meet on a weekly basis and choose literary works for interpretive and evaluative analysis. Through a discussion of their own experiences and observations, social-emotional learning is enhanced; thus, improving both their character and their academic achievement.


Members actively participate in the improvement of the environment around campus and in our community, as well as the world in general. Projects include raising awareness regarding local and global environmental issues, fundraising to help protect endangered species, and a school-wide recycling program. The club meets every Thursday.


Each spring, auditions are held for a competitive dance team. Practices are held at least three times a week after school. The team competes in multiple competitions in the winter. Meetings for non-competitive members are once a month. All members are encouraged to participate in all activities, however, some activities are exclusively for the competition team. The group will perform at various venues throughout the year. The Dance team holds their annual recital every January to showcase the dances they have learned throughout the year.


The CHS Drama Club presents a play each November. Students learn about acting, directing and theater tech!


The Carmel Film Club is an organization for students of all backgrounds to gain experience in various forms of film production; camera work, editing, sound design, writing, working as a team, etc.  We are a club of film enthusiasts who share ideas and collaborate to bring those ideas to life.  During our weekly meetings, we will discuss, plan, film, edit and produce short films.  In addition, we will film and produce videos highlighting the school and surrounding community.


Open to all students interested in the French language and culture. Activities include Kids Day and trips to enjoy French cuisine, culture and music. Meetings are held every other Thursday and include fun activities like Pétanque and guest speakers! Several fundraising events are held throughout the year to help fund club trips.


An association for students that is organized on national, state and local levels. CHS FBLA members are active in school and community partnerships that exemplify the club’s overall mission of community service, educating themselves and others and promoting progressive ideas through professional connections. Students explore career possibilities, travel and meet new people.


GSA is a club that provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other and openly discuss issues affecting and related to the LGBTQ community. All students, allies, and supporters of the LGBTQ community are welcome.


Preserve our planet and explore world issues. All students welcome. Meet weekly to collect recyclables and debate global topics. Raise funds to support community and global organizations.


A Christian club where students gather together to share and deepen their faith. The club focuses on friendship, leadership, outreach, and building meaning and purpose in all we do. The club meets on Fridays in room 135 from 2-3pm.


A Rotary-sponsored service club. The program gives students an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.


Check with the Athletic office for details and try-out information.

Fall Programs

  • Cheerleading (Varsity, JV, Freshman)
  • Cross Country (Varsity, Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Field Hockey (Varsity, JV)
  • Football (Varsity, JV, Freshman)
  • Girls Tennis (Varsity)
  • Girls Volleyball (Varsity, JV)
  • Soccer (Varsity, JV, Boys & Girls Teams)

Winter Programs

  • Basketball (Varsity, JV, Freshman, Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Bowling (Varsity, Co-Ed)
  • Cheerleading (Varsity, JV)
  • Gymnastics (Varsity)
  • Ice Hockey (Varsity)
  • Skiing (Varsity, Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Track (Varsity, JV, Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Wrestling

Spring Programs

  • Baseball (Varsity, JV, Freshman)Boys Lacrosse (Varsity, JV)
  • Boys Tennis (Varsity)
  • Girls Lacrosse (Varsity, JV)
  • Girls Softball (Varsity, JV, Freshman)
  • Golf (Varsity, Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Track (Varsity, JV, Boys & Girls Teams)


Activities include the Faculty Tea, Home- coming, Kids’ Day, the Talent Show, Annual BOCCE tournament, Valentine’s Day Party for residents of the Putnam Nursing Home, and cultural events.


Students may participate in the following musical groups

Bella Voce

Chamber choir principally for accapella and classical music. Rehearsals are every Friday. In addition to school district  performances, the group may perform at other venues throughout the year.

CHS Singers

A select group that performs jazz music throughout the year. They are is featured at the annual Pops Concert.

Jazz Band

Open to any student who plays saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, piano or bass. In addition to school concerts, the group performs for a variety of functions in the community and is featured at the annual Pops Concert each winter. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 2-3 PM, with additional rehearsals scheduled before performances.

Tri-M Music Honor Society 

A group of students who help the music directors oversee the many functions of the Music Department, including planning trips, assisting with concert preparations, performing accounting functions for the activity fund, and making decorations for the Pops Concert.

Music Production Workshop

Each year students are encouraged to try out for parts in either the high school music production or the pit orchestra. Rehearsals are Monday-Friday from 3-5 PM and run from December through the play’s production in March/April.

National Honor Society

Junior and senior students who achieve a cumulative unweighted average of 90 and above, are invited to apply for membership. The application requires that students  provide documentation verifying a minimum of 30 hours of community service completed during the prior year. Leadership and character are also important factors considered by the faculty committee that reviews applications. In addition to attending meetings, NHS members initiate and participate in a variety of community based service activities throughout the year.


“The hardest fun you will ever have.” The club  participates in an international competition where teams from  all over the world design, build, program, and compete with a  professional robot. It is “more than robots” as students learn hands-on technical skills, business skills, public speaking, and especially teamwork. The team has room for all interests: builders, programmers, electricians, business, art/design, cheer, and community outreach. The team meets all year. In March the team travels to NY universities to attend regional competitions.


Members meet once a week to learn and practice songs, with the intention of performing. While the club is open to all Carmel High School students, they must pass an audition. There are at least two shows each year. Students set the program from a pool of classic rock songs and others of their own choosing.


The club where “we blow things up for its educational value.” Activities include experiments, demonstrations, a field trip to an escape room and the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Party.


Open to all high school students interested in the Spanish language and culture and those students of Hispanic descent. One of the club’s goals is to celebrate diversity in our school by acknowledging not only the Spanish heritage but different cultures throughout the world. Activities include Homecoming, Kids Day and trips to enjoy Latin food, culture and music. There are numerous opportunities to participate in community events that will provide our students with community service hours. The club hosts the popular International Dinner which is open to all CHS clubs. Several fundraising events are held throughout the year to help fund club trips. The club serves as the host to the induction ceremony held every other year for the Spanish National Honor Society, “Los Sobresalientes de Carmel”.


The SO is in charge of Homecoming Spirit Week and Pep Rally. They also organize the Junior Prom and Senior Ball. Members are welcome!


Open to juniors and seniors, students apply and are selected for the Student Mentor program in the spring. Student Mentors interact with their assigned incoming freshman throughout the school year to orient students to the high school building and culture, answer questions, direct them to where they can seek help if needed and generally encourage them to succeed in high school. Training takes place in May/June and again in August.


The yearbook staff works on photography, typing, layouts, selling ad space and mailings. The editors (usually 5 or 6 students) work more on graphic design and the layout.