CHS Counseling Department

The mission of the Carmel High School Counseling Department is to support and enhance the academic, college/career, and social/emotional development of each student. All students are assigned a school counselor who will work with them on issues including the transition into high school, personal/social growth, problem solving skills, crisis management, curriculum development, and post-secondary planning. School counselors work in conjunction with the professional learning community collaborating to assist students towards a successful high school experience. The Counseling Department views parents as partners in education and welcomes parent involvement throughout their child’s high school experience.  

Important Announcements

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    Every Child Succeeds Act

    To opt out of having your child's contact information given to Armed Forces, please complete the "Every Child Succeeds Act" form and return it to the Counseling Office.   The form can be found on our CHS Counseling, Carmel High School and CCSD web pages.

    CHS Counseling Department
  • Sophmore trip to tour Tech Center at PNW Boces

    Attention Sophomores 

    There will be a field trip to tour the BOCES Tech Center on Wednesday, January 29th!!   If you are interested in attending this informative trip, please pick up a permission slip in the Counseling Office.   Permission slips need to be returned to the Counseling Office no later than January 13th.

    CHS Counseling Department
  • Important Information for Incoming 10th Graders

    Tenth grade students will transition from their Freshman Counselor, Mrs. Danielle Schulman, to their new counselor who will continue with your student throughout the remainder of their Carmel High School career.

    Tenth Grade Counselor Breakdown:

    AB - DOR:  Ms. Heather Jaffe

    DOS - LYN:  Mr. Nicholas Ruotolo

    MAC - REP:    Mrs. Kristen Mancini

    REY - ZAR:      Mr. Tim Mahon

    CHS Counseling Department
  • College Representative Visits

    For college admissions counselors to schedule a visit with student's at CHS we have introduced REPVISITS.COM"

    We hope you can find a date & time that fits your busy schedule and look forward to meeting you.  

    CHS Counseling Department


Ms. Heather Jaffe, Department Chairperson -- 845-225-8441, ext. 451 -

Mr. Tom Feliciotto, School Counselor  -- 845-225-8441, ext. 416 or ext. 452 -

Ms. Kristen Mancini, School Counselor   --  845-225-8441, ext. 442 -

Mr. Tim Mahon, School Counselor   -- 845-225-8441, ext. 444 -

Ms. Juliette Powers, School Counselor   -- 845-225-8441, ext. 443 -

Mr. Nicholas Ruotolo, School Counselor   --  845-225-8441, ext. 418 -

Ms. Danielle Schulman, School Counselor   --  845-225-8441, ext. 440 -

Dr. Karin Brenner, Social Worker --  845-225-8441, ext. 446 -

Ms. Julie Nacerino, Psychologist--  845-225-8441, ext. 445 -

Ms. Danielle Kraus, Psychologist -- 845-225-8441, ext. 428 -

Counseling Office Support Staff

Miriam Liso - ext. 448 -

Liz Harrison - ext. 400 -