The Carmel High School Counseling Department joins the school district in recognizing the potential impact of recent tragic events on our students and school community. This may include the re-experiencing of past events which can significantly affect mental wellness.  As always, our School Counselors and clinical staff are available for our students and families. Additionally, we would like to share the following resources. 

Putnam County Crisis Hotline ---- (845)-225-1222 

National Association of School Psychologists


National Institute of Mental Health


National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement


CHS Counseling Philosophy

Counseling services at Carmel High School Counseling Department are designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of students at each grade level. This assures continuity of services and enables counselors to establish a personal relationship that best addresses the developmental needs of the students. All students are assigned a school counselor who will work with them on issues including personal and social growth, problem solving skills, crisis management, course selection, and post-secondary planning. Counselors respect the confidentiality of the relationship they form with students and their families. They seek to understand the expectations and concerns parents have and advise accordingly. School counselors work in conjunction with the professional learning community collaborating to assist students to make the high school experience a rich and rewarding one for each student.

Important Announcements


    Seniors please complete the graduation survey below.  This is your way of letting us know where we need to send our final transcript.  

    Even if you don't plan to go to college, you still need to complete the survey.

     Deadline is May 31, 2022

    See Mrs. Liso in the Counseling Office if you need assistance or have any questions.


    CHS Counseling Department
  • College Representative Visits

    For college admissions counselors to schedule a visit with student's at CHS, please email mliso@carmelschools.org

    We hope you can find a date & time that fits your busy schedule and look forward to meeting you.  

    CHS Counseling Department
  • Every Child Succeeds Act

    To opt out of having your child's contact information given to Armed Forces, please complete the "Every Child Succeeds Act" form and return it to the Counseling Office.   The form can be found on our CHS Counseling, Carmel High School and CCSD web pages.

    CHS Counseling Department
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Mr. Tom Feliciotto, School Counselor  -- 845-225-8441, ext. 416 or ext. 422 - tfelicio@carmelschools.org

Ms. Heather Jaffe, Department Chairperson/School Counselor -- 845-225-8441, ext. 451 - hjaffe@carmelschools.org

Mrs. Kristen Mancini, School Counselor  --  845-225-8441, ext. 442 - kmancini@carmelschools.org

Mr. Tim Mahon, Department Chairperson/School Counselor -- 845-225-8441, ext. 444 - tmahon@carmelschools.org

Ms. Juliette Powers, School Counselor -- 845-225-8441, ext. 443 - jpowers@carmelschools.org

Mr. Nicholas Ruotolo, School Counselor  --  845-225-8441, ext. 418 - nruotolo@carmelschools.org

Mrs. Danielle Schulman, School Counselor --  845-225-8441, ext. 440 - dschulma@carmelschools.org

Dr. Karin Brenner, Social Worker --  845-225-8441, ext. 446 - kbrenner@carmelschools.org

Mrs. Julie Nacerino, Psychologist --  845-225-8441, ext. 445 - jnacerin@carmelschools.org

Ms. Jessica Day, Psychologist -- 845-225-8441, ext.428 - jday@carmelschools.org

Counseling Office Support Staff

Mrs. Miriam Liso - 845-225-8441, ext. 448 - mliso@carmelschools.org

Mrs. Liz Harrison - 845-225-8441, ext. 400 - eharriso@carmelschools.org 


BOCES Online Application



District ID#  Carmelapp  


Step 1 - Complete BOCES online application using the above link.    

 Step 2 - Complete the following medical questionnaire.  Only fill out the items highlighted in yellow.      

 BOCES App Medical Form.pdf 

Once you have completed the medical form, save on your computer and email it to eharriso@carmelschools.org


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