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  • CHS Students Lend a Hand and Make (Educational) Connections

    Carmel High School students have a long history of helping younger students as classroom volunteers through the Students Assisting Students (SAS) Club. This year, after a two-year hiatus, the program is back and students are reaping the benefits. 

    The club pairs high school juniors and seniors who apply to the program with elementary school teachers to volunteer their time in the classroom. In the process, the high school students gain mentors and hands-on classroom experience. 

    Read our full story to learn more about our students' experiences in the classroom through the program!

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  • Carmel High School Students Selected for All-State Band

    During the March 4-5 weekend, Carmel High School students Else Hedman and Chloe White participated in the New York State Band Directors Association (NYSBDA) All-State band.

    The students traveled to Syracuse to perform with top musicians from across in concerts on Saturday and Sunday. This was a huge honor for our student musicians. Bravo!

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  • Creative Paper Connections at Carmel High School

    Spreading love, one paper flower at a time. A collaborative project between the Carmel High School Library and the Art Department in time for Valentine’s Day provided a creative outlet for making connections and showing compassion.
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  • Honoring Black History Month

    In celebration of Black History Month, Carmel High School students in U.S. History classes and the SUNY Racism, Classism & Sexism class are honoring accomplished Black individuals in history and the current day.
    Students each chose an individual to research and then created a presentation highlighting that person’s achievements, personal lives and historical contributions. Beginning on February 1 and continuing each day throughout the month, students have taken turns presenting their chosen individual to their peers in class. The presentations open opportunities for classroom discussions regarding each different individual.
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  • Carmel High School Hosts "Blue Collar Tour" Stop

    On February 9, Carmel High School's Technology Department hosted the Western Welding Academy as part of the "Blue Collar Tour," a 30-state tour to promote building trades and welding as promising careers in today’s job market.

    Throughout the day, more than 100 students attended the event and learned about welding, participated in welding demonstrations, and got hands-on with welding tools! 

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  • AP Biology Students Shine a Light on Genetic Engineering of Bacteria

    Carmel High School AP Biology students in Ms. Mackin's class were introduced to genetic engineering through a recent in-class transformation experiment. During the experiment, students inserted a gene from a bioluminescent jellyfish (Aequorea victoria) into E. coli bacteria to make it glow green under UV light.
    Similar techniques have been completed in scientific labs around the world. Using these genes, scientists are able to track the insertion of genes into the genomes of other organisms in order to study the usefulness of gene therapy in treating diseases. The fluorescent glow in the organism proves to the researcher that there was a successful transference of genes.
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  • High School Science Research Students Present at Prestigious Science Symposium

    In January, five Carmel High School Science Research Program students presented at the Eastern Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, a sub-regional symposium to the statewide Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, one of the most prestigious forums for young scientists in the country.

    Congratulations to junior Grace Fischer for placing 1st in the category of Environmental Science and senior Teagan Weindel for placing 3rd in the category of Behavioral Science. For placing first, Grace has earned a spot as a speaker at the Upstate Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (statewide fair) on March 8!

    The five CHS students who presented at the Eastern JSHS were:

    • Olivia Schwark (senior): The Relationship Between the Physical and Mental Well-Being of Patients with Leukemia
    • Riley Ward (senior): Debunking the Stigma Behind Chemistry
    • Grace Fischer (junior): The Effects of Human-Made Noise Pollution on Songbirds in New York State
    • Teagan Weindel (senior): Analysis of the Population Fluctuation of District 7 of Carmel, NY from 1856-1866
    • Jennie Belle Aliaga (junior): The Knowledge and Practices of Water Intake and its Relation to Urbanization Levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

    Congratulations to all of our students for a job well done. We are so proud of you!


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  • Colorful Creations for Lunar New Year

    In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Carmel High School art students created colorful, festive and fun decorations to adorn the building’s atrium. To honor the tradition, students in the Mixed Media classes spent several class periods creating paper mâché lanterns featuring intricate cut-out images of meaningful and traditional Chinese designs. Students in the Adaptive Mixed Media classes added a large dragon sculpture to the display.

    Read the full story and see more photos of our students' colorful creations!

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  • Science Research Program Sophomores Chosen for Competitive Internship

    Congratulations to Carmel High School sophomores and Science Research Program students Kayleigh Harney and Kaitlin Furu for their recent acceptance into the Mianus River Gorge Wildlife Technician Program in nearby Bedford, NY.
    The Wildlife Technician Program is a competitive internship offering students the opportunity to undertake a three-year research project in the natural sciences. In the program, Kayleigh and Kaitlin will have the opportunity to conduct hands-on field experiments and learn first-hand about the complexities of natural systems.
    We are so proud of Kayleigh and Kaitlin and can't wait to see all that they accomplish in their internships!
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  • Chemistry Students Get Festively Scientific

    Carmel High School AP Chemistry students grew festive Chemis-trees in a bottle with some help from science.

    By creating a silica gel laced with lead ions and inserting a zinc nail into it, our young scientists saw some amazing results: a fast-growing lead crystal structure that resembles a tree, just in time for the holidays!

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  • George Fischer Middle School

    NYSSMA Festival: Majors Chorale

    CCSD is hosting the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Majors Chorale Festival event for Zone 10. 

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  • CHS 3rd Qtr. End

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  • Spring Recess

    Schools Closed

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  • Spring Recess

    Schools & Administrative Offices Closed

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  • Schools Closed

    The 2022-2023 district calendar that was adopted last year included five snow days built in. The calendar states that if only three snow days are used, schools will be closed on May 26 and April 10. As of March 20, 2023, the District has used only three snow days. If the District does not use any additional snow days, all schools will be closed on April 10 and May 26.

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