Carmel High School World Language Department

The World Language Department of Carmel High School seeks to provide a supportive environment which enables the student to achieve sufficient learning in a language other than English in preparation for a productive role in our global community.

New York State Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to our 2020 Seal of Biliteracy recipients!

Stephanie Ogbebor  -  Abigail Harrison  -  Isabella Piacente  -  Yadira Alonzo Martinez 
Michaela Ndono-Mfoula  -  Nicole Alvarado Mogrovejo  -  Allison Devane  -  Brandon Oviedo  -  Cassandra Orellana

Overview: The Seal of Biliteracy is a prestigious award offered to seniors enrolled in an advanced level World Language class (level 5). The Seal project is designed to show students' proficiency in English and a second language offered at Carmel High School. Students work exclusively in the target language from beginning to end.  It starts with an oral proficiency Interview and ends with a presentation of four in-depth, multi-genre projects to a panel of evaluators, including teachers, administrators, and community members. Students who achieve an intermediate-high level of proficiency in the language are awarded a Seal on their diploma and a special stole at graduation.  

 NYSSB Mentor Signoff.docx 

World Readiness Standards

 Standards for language learning 

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

 World language proficiency guidelines 

Modes of Communication

 3 modes of communication 

CHS World Language Honor Societies

Please download and print all of the attached documents in order to apply to our World Language Honor Societies.