Carmel High School World Language Department

The World Language Department of Carmel High School seeks to provide a supportive environment which enables the student to achieve sufficient learning in a language other than English in preparation for a productive role in our global community.

CHS World Language Honor Societies

Please download and print all of the attached documents in order to apply to our World Language Honor Societies.


World Readiness Standards

 Standards for language learning 

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

 World language proficiency guidelines 

Modes of Communication

 3 modes of communication 

New York State Seal of Biliteracy

Overview: The Seal of Biliteracy is a prestigious award offered to seniors enrolled in an advanced level World Language class (level 5). The Seal project is designed to show students' proficiency in English and a second language offered at Carmel High School. Students work exclusively in the target language from beginning to end.  It starts with an oral proficiency Interview and ends with a presentation of four in-depth, multi-genre projects to a panel of evaluators, including teachers, administrators, and community members. Students who achieve an intermediate-high level of proficiency in the language are awarded a Seal on their diploma and a special stole at graduation.  

Multi- Genre Projects (must complete 2 from Listening & Speaking and 2 from Reading & Writing):

Listening and Speaking
Select two:
1. PowerPoint: Create and present a pre-recorded, narrated presentation that includes images and information on your topic.
2. Interview: Conduct a 10-question interview.  Interview must be voice recorded and transcribed.
3. Video blog: Create a 2 to 4-minute video blog about your selected topic. 
4. Commercial: Create a 1-minute commercial advertising, promoting or sponsoring your topic.

Reading and Writing 
Select two:
1. Online article: Write a 300-word article related to your topic. 
2. Informational flyer: Create an informational flyer with a minimum of 5 bulleted facts supported by visual representations.
3. Fictional story: Write a two-page fictional story related to your selected topic. Your story should include a title page and the elements of plot must be evident. 
4. Survey: Create a 10-question survey related to your selected topic and administer it to five individuals. You must include one paragraph describing your results. 
5. Non-fictional memoir or autobiography: Write a 2-page memoir or autobiography related to your selected topic. You will take on the point of view of an individual who has had an impact on something related to your topic; therefore, this must be written in the first person. 

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