Course Requirements

 Students will be assessed on the following: 

Group Presentations/Projects: 25%

Quizzes: 20%

Community Service & Quarterly Project: 20%

Class Work/Participation/Health Binder: 20%

HW/Current Events/Discussion: 15%

Navigate by the Stars

  • Standards Based
  • Skills-Driven
  • Scientifically Research-Based
  • Learner Centered
  • Authentic
  • Integrated into the total educational program
  • Community & school support
  • Coordinated by health school framework  

Health Education Skills

Health Education Skills:

The seven personal and social skills that students need to know and be able to do to be safe, healthy and achieve the NYS and National Standards.

1. Self-Management

2. Relationship Management

3. Stress Management

4. Communication

5.  Planning and Goal setting

6. Decision Making

7. Advocacy

Essential Content Areas Health Education

The curriculum has nine essential content areas that students need to know to be safe, healthy and achieve the NYS and National Standards. The focus is:

1. Physical Activity and Nutrition


3. Sexual Risk

4. Family Life/Sexual health

5. Tobacco

6. Alcohol & Other Drugs

7. Unintentional Injury

8. Violence Prevention

9. Other Required Health Areas

Student Expectations-Health Education

  • Attendance is very important in this class and one can fall behind quickly. Complete all work and projects on time. It is your responsibility to make up ALL missed work.
  • Absolutely no cell-phone use during class unless part of an instructional activity. There will be a designated place for phones to go at the beginning of every class.
  • Participation and discussions during class are an important part of student learning. Thinking critically, positive communication, and collaboration with classmates are requirements for this course.
  • Respecting differences & sharing ideas in a positive manner while still getting your opinion across is essential.
  • Be on time for class and ready to begin instruction at the bell.
  • Disruptive behavior, inappropriate language, sleeping at any time, & cutting class will result in the loss of participation points.

Contact Information

Andrea Rinella
Carmel High School
Phone: (845) 225-8441 ext. 464